Lightning Blue

Shane Norton -Vocals
Tom McVeagh- Guitar and Vocals
Carolyn Chianese - Drums
Reed - Bass

Honor Roll of former members
Johnny Young - Keyboards
Joe Soja - Bass and Vocals

Steve Hampton - Bass and Vocals
Danny Martinez - Drums
Tom Line -Guitar
David Cooney - Guitar
Basil Kagen - Guitar and Vocals
Joe Bradetech - Drums


Hear the band:
Big Boss Man  Big Boss Man
Cross Cut Saw    Cross Cut Saw

Drowning on Dry Land    Drowning on Dry Land
Nice and Warm    Nice and Warm

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Red House
Smoke on the Water



2015 2014 2014

The boys

John, Shane, Mark, Carolyne, Tom

The boys

Joe, Carolyne, John, Shane, Tom

The boys

Carolyne, John, Shane, Joe


Tom McVeagh

John and Tom

Lightning Blue_2012

Halloween 2013 with Mark Goffeney

Shane Norton

Shane Norton - Vocals

John and Carolyn on Halloween 2014

Joe Soja on bass and Vocals

Joe Soja


Carolyn Chianese on drums


Tom McVeagh on guitar and vocals

Johnny Young on keyboards

John at his organ again

Songs we play, and band alumni pictures are found here: SETS

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